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Terms & Conditions

I understand the following applies to my subscription with Fuel Flo, LLC...

1. Fuel Flo will deliver fuel once a week on a designated day for your area. 

2. Your vehicle must be located in a safe and well lit area.

3. Your vehicle’s tank must be accessible by the driver at the time of delivery. The driver will make one attempt to contact you before leaving if unable to access.

4. Your vehicle must be located at the address on file.

5. All vehicles under subscription must be at the same address to be filled. If they will be in separate locations please let the office know so that we can add them to the route on the day we’re in that area. 

6. You will be billed on the same day every month for all monthly subscriptions.

7. The cost of fuel is due on the day of delivery.

8. A 30 day cancellation notice is required for all monthly subscribers.

9. If a fill up outside of your delivery day is needed, an additional fee will apply(schedule permitting).

10. If payment could not be processed on the day of delivery your invoice must be paid before receiving service again. 

11. If you choose weekly service you will be billed the day of service for the service fee along with the cost of fuel.

12. The driver will only fill the tanks with selected fuel type on file.

13. Monthly and weekly subscriptions cover up to 3 cars.  Additional vehicles can be added at $5 per additional vehicle.

14. Weekly customers must cancel the day before their scheduled delivery otherwise the delivery charge still applies.

15. Fuel Flo, LLC has the right to refuse service at any time and refund all services not rendered.

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